Civil rights group recommends 2 Latino men as candidates for Fort Hood renaming

Taheshah Moise

NBC 6 News

Jun 16, 2021

LULAC Rename Fort Hood After MSG Roy Benavidez or Maj. Gen. Richard Cavazos

"We understand that it would be difficult to have change, but the fact of the matter is there is going to be change," National LULAC President Domingo Garcia said.

Benevidez and Cavazos are both from Texas. Benevidez served in Vietnam. He was a Green Beret and received the Medal of Honor from President Regan. Garcia said Benevidez's time in Vietnam read like a movie.

"He was wounded 37 times by bullets, bayonet, and shrapnel and still survived. He was so badly wounded after the engagement where he saved multiple US soldiers under heavy fire that he was literally put in a body bag," Garcia said. "He had to spit at the doctor so that the body bag wouldn’t be closed to tell him he was alive."