Latino Dallas ISD Families Less Likely to Have High-Speed Internet: Survey

NBC DFW 5 | Jan 27, 2022

“Technology is the obstacle. Equipment is the obstacle,” said Rene Martinez of the Dallas chapter of LULAC. “Most Latino parents do not have that savviness in terms of knowing how to access a lesson plan or the interaction with the teacher.”

Latino leaders plan lawsuit to change 'gross' underrepresentation in Houston City Council

Houston Chronicle | Jan 24, 2022

The lack of Latinos on the City Council undermines the legitimacy of Houston’s government, experts say, and is something that a prominent Hispanic organization is pushing to change with a lawsuit and ballot proposition.

LULAC plans lawsuit against Houston City Council due to lack of Hispanic representation

ABC 13 Houston | Jan 24, 2022

"We are looking at filing a federal lawsuit challenging the at large system in Houston as discriminatory and a violation of the voting rights act,"

Reaction mixed after trucker’s prison term slashed to 10 years

Freight Waves News | Dec 31, 2021

“It is regrettable that lives were lost and others were injured. However, truckers are essential workers in our nation, and this continued persecution of a 26-year-old Latino driver without a blemish on his record, who was neither drunk nor under the influence of drugs, is an unjust act of scapegoating.”

14-year-old identified as girl killed by police in Los Angeles store dressing room

Washington Post | Dec 26, 2021

“it is indefensible that trained Los Angeles police officers could open fire in a crowded store at the height of Christmas shopping without first knowing for sure if the suspect was armed.”

National Latino advocacy group says decision on truck driver commutation expected soon

FOX 31 Colorado | Dec 22, 2021

“We believe and are cautiously optimistic that he [Gov. Jared Polis] will try to find justice in this gross miscarriage of justice,” LULAC National President Domingo Garcia said.

More than 2 million sign petition to change sentence of I-70 truck driver who caused deadly crash

Denver 7 ABC | Dec 16, 2021

Domingo Garcia, the national president of LULAC, a Latino civil rights organization, says they’re backing the petition, calling the sentence an injustice.

Why the federal government’s new redistricting lawsuit matters to Texas

The Dallas Morning News | Dec 6, 2021

Domingo Garcia, a former state representative from Dallas and national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, said that solid Hispanic opportunity districts would decrease from eight to seven.

LULAC sues to remove ‘English-only Law’ for voting materials in Iowa

KWQC 6 Davenport | Oct 29, 2021

“We're seeing, you know just full-blown efforts in Republican-controlled states to limit the right of people to vote,” Garcia said. “It’s something you expect in third world countries, not the United States.”

Latino legal rights group files suit against Texas redistricting maps — before they’re final

The Dallas Morning News | Oct 18, 2021

“The Republican party has weaponized political gerrymandering to disenfranchise and to suppress the vote of Latinos throughout the state of Texas.”

Group Files Lawsuit Challenging Texas' Redistricting Maps

NBC DFW 5 | Oct 18, 2021

We want to send a clear message to all Texans that we are against gerrymandering, we are against rigging the system, we are against politicians picking their voters instead of voters picking their politicians, and we are going to stand up for our constitution and the Voting Rights Act,

A local Latino rights organization threatens lawsuit unless Monterey changes election process

Monterey County Weekly | Oct 15, 2021

Monterey city manager Fred Meurer, who retired in 2013 after 27 years, says it wasn’t uncommon to see a majority of the city council coming from “up on the hill,” which spurred some conversations during his tenure about district-based representation; however, he says the discussions were never in the context of racial equity.

Judge blocks Texas governor's order limiting number of ballot drop-off sites

ABC News | Oct 10, 2021

Governor Greg Abbott is trying to prey on the fear of the pandemic which will keep Hispanics from wanting to risk their lives by going to the polls in person

North Texas, fueled by minority growth, shut out of new congressional representation in first draft of redistricting map

WFAA 8 News | Sep 28, 2021

“Texas is changing and Republicans in Texas – especially those in senate and congress – need to accept that they have to allow for adequate representation for our communities,” said LULAC national president and Dallas resident Domingo Garcia

Battle over how states redraw their districts begins

CBS News | Sep 27, 2021

Domingo Garcia, the national president of The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), said his organization is prepared to sue if Texas lawmakers don't change the maps to give Latinos more voting power.

Hispanic group sues El Paso, other counties to halt Texas vote law

KVIA 7 | Sep 10, 2021

The nation’s largest and oldest Latino civil rights organization has filed a federal lawsuit in hopes of preventing a sweeping new Texas voting law signed earlier this week by Gov. Greg Abbott from going into effect.

LULAC President Responds to Abbott's Voting Bill

NBC DFW 5 | Sep 7, 2021

LULAC President Domingo Garcia responded to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) signing of an elections overhaul into law Tuesday that adds more voting restrictions in the booming state after Democrats spent months protesting what they say are efforts to weaken minority turnout and preserve the GOP’s eroding dominance.

LULAC files federal court action moments after new Texas voter law is signed

Alice Echo-News Journal | Sep 7, 2021

LULAC strongly opposes this attack on our voting rights and freedoms because they have one and only one purpose; to dilute our voice at the ballot box and continue to stop electoral change in Texas

Voto Latino, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, Texas AFT file lawsuit to protect all Texans’ right to vote

Texas AFT | Sep 7, 2021

Voto Latino, LULAC Texas, the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, and the Texas American Federation of Teachers today filed suit to block SB 1, Texas’s draconian voting law that is one of the most restrictive of its kind.

LULAC files lawsuit to prevent new voting law in Texas from going into effect

KSAT San Antonio | Sep 7, 2021

Less than an hour after Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill into law Tuesday that enacts new voting restrictions in Texas, the nation’s largest and oldest Latino civil rights organization filed a federal lawsuit in hopes of preventing the law from going into effect.

Texas faces three lawsuits against restrictive new voting law signed Tuesday by Gov. Greg Abbott

San Antonio Current | Sep 7, 2021

“Texas voters deserve fair, open, and transparent elections, not a process rigged to deny our communities, whose numbers are growing, the right to vote."

Latino Advocacy Groups Say Republican Party Is Enabling Trump’s ‘Bigoted And Cruel Agenda’

Latino USA | Sep 3, 2021

President Trump is again taking the low road in politics of playing the race card and using Latinos as political piñatas. His constant damning indictment of Muslims, Blacks and Latinos divides America.

Top LULAC attorney says Abbott's order to pull over migrants will soon result in racial profiling suits

San Antonio Current | Jul 29, 2021

Texas will soon face lawsuits over Gov. Greg Abbott's order that state troopers should pull over vehicles whose drivers they suspect of transporting migrants who pose a risk of transmitting COVID-19, a top civil-rights attorney said.

National civil rights group to hold forum in memory of victims of El Paso mass shooting

KTSM 9 NBC | Jul 28, 2021

LULAC National President Domingo Garcia will lead the discussion with local guests and invited Mexican dignitaries representing the eight citizens of Mexico who died in the massacre – which claimed 23 lives and left 23 others injured.

For Greg Abbott, All The Border's A Stage

The Texas Observer | Jul 27, 2021

Domingo Garcia, national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), says his organization is monitoring for cases of “racial profiling” and planning for a lawsuit against the governor.

Lawsuits swamp Florida's new elections law signed by Gov. DeSantis

Tallahassee Democrat | May 6, 2021

Domingo Garcia, National President of LULAC, said they've decided to sue the state and ask for a Department of Justice review for violation of civil and criminal laws.

Joe Biden and LULAC spotlight coronavirus outbreaks at meatpacking plants, blame Trump

The Dallas Morning News | May 4, 2021

Dallas lawyer Domingo Garcia, the LULAC national president, noted that more than 5,000 workers have tested positive for the coronavirus at U.S. meatpacking plants.

Goya Foods Boycott Grows After CEO Calls Trump the “Legitimate” U.S. President

DemocracyNow! | Mar 2, 2021

“When you put out lies to the community, there are consequences and there are going to be ramifications for your product.”

Adelante #2201 - National President of LULAC, Domingo Garcia

PBS Adelante | Feb 1, 2021

ADELANTE talks with the National President of LULAC, Domingo Garcia, about the future of Latinos under the new Presidential Administration, including Latinos appointed to President-Elect Biden's Cabinet. Also, we talk with Dr. Jorge Ramallo about the COVID-19 vaccine. Also highlights Dr. Naydeen Gonzalez-deJesus, who was recently appointed Executive Vice-President of Student Success at MATC.

LULAC President Tells CNN More Latinos Needed In Biden Cabinet

CNN Politics | Dec 4, 2020

Biden has a great opportunity to have a Cabinet that truly looks like America and to fulfill his promises. Right now, I'm still a little disappointed we haven't seen more diversity. In the few picks he's made so far, he seems like to be going back to the Obama administration instead of looking for fresh new talent.

LULAC National President Domingo Garcia says the military is not protecting female soldiers. Vanessa Guillen disappeared from Fort Hood two months ago.

WFAA ABC 8 | Jun 29, 2020

"There’s cameras everywhere, so it's really impossible for her to disappear there from the largest military base in the United States without anyone knowing or finding out,”

Latinos March For Unity, Remembrance And Action A Week After El Paso Shooting

Texas Public Radio | Aug 10, 2019

“We’re marching because we’re not going to be terrorized, we’re not going to be turned around. We’re not going to stand for this type of politics of hate and the rhetoric coming about making Latinos and immigrants political piñatas to score points in an election,”

LULAC Files Lawsuit Over Non-Citizen Voter List that ‘May Have Been Overstated'

NBC DFW 5 | Jul 30, 2019

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) filed a lawsuit Tuesday in San Antonio against Texas Secretary of State David Whitley and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton claiming the release of 95,000 potential non-citizen voters is an attempt to suppress Latino voters.

Latino civil rights group sues over Texas voter citizenship review, calling it an "election-related 'witch hunt'"

The Texas Tribune | Jan 29, 2019

A Latino civil rights group is suing top Texas officials over what the organization says is an “election-related ‘witch hunt’” designed to intimidate legitimately registered voters by asking them to prove their citizenship.

Kushner floats deal of permanent protections for some ‘Dreamers’

McClatchy DC | Jan 25, 2019

Garcia, who lives in Dallas, said he checked with Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairman Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, and Rep. Pete Aguilar, D-San Bernardino, and said they approved of the side talks. Garcia added that Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not dissuade him from entering into the talks.

LULAC President lays out demands for White House

McClatchy DC Bureau | Jan 24, 2019

LULAC President Domingo Garcia describes his meeting with White House adviser Jared Kushner on a potential deal to re-open the government, Thursday, January 24, 2019.

White House to host Latino groups for immigration reform meeting

CNN Politics | Jan 23, 2019

“Make no mistake about it, LULAC is there, first and foremost to demand that federal workers be allowed to get back to their jobs,” Domingo Garcia, national president of LULAC, said in a statement.

Texas' minority GOP voters: Republican allies have vanished

Chicago Tribune | Oct 30, 2018

"We make a point to invite both Republicans and Democrats," said LULAC President Domingo Garcia, x spoke at the event. "Some of the candidates don't care about the Latino vote."

Before the "Dump Trump" march, Domingo Garcia's speech

Fort Worth Star Telegram | Jul 30, 2018

Ex-state Rep. Domingo Garcia rallies the "Dump Trump" marchers Monday in Dallas. The crowd grew to about 1,000.

Domingo Garcia takes reins of LULAC as it strives to reach younger Latinos

The Dallas Morning News | Jul 23, 2018

"We're at a crucial point in history when Latinos are under attack," Garcia said. "People wanted a national voice that would speak for them in a strong and uniting manner."

Rio Grande Valley Becomes Hot Spot in Immigration Battle

NBC DFW 5 News | Jun 24, 2018

Tempers hit a boiling point Saturday outside of the Border Patrol station in McAllen, when protesters saw a bus full of migrant families trying to drive by. The demonstrators gathered in the streets and blocked traffic.

Dallas County Judge Informed City Will Not House Migrant Children

NBC DFW 5 News | Jun 20, 2018

"It's embarrassing," said LULAC President Domingo Garcia. "We are losing our role as the defender of human rights in the world."

Dallas Radio Program Answers Concerns Over DACA, Immigration

NBC DFW 5 News | Jan 26, 2018

Dallas businessman Ivanne Berumen said the four young people have been fighting for new laws. They visited Washington, D.C., recently with a group of North Texas "Dreamers" with support from activist Domingo Garcia and his wife, Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia.

Dallas Mega March organizer Domingo Garcia talks about the event

NBC DFW 5 News | Apr 9, 2017

Dallas Mega March organizer Domingo Garcia talks about the event. Plus, Congressman Michael Burgess talks Syria, healthcare and the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Join us Sunday morning at 8:40 for Lone Star Politics.

Final Preparations Underway for Dallas Mega March

NBC DFW 5 News | Apr 7, 2017

Final preparations are being made ahead of the Dallas Mega March on Sunday in downtown Dallas. Tens of thousands of people are expected to march for immigration reform and racial equality. The march begins at 2 p.m at the Cathedral Guadalupe and ends at Dallas City Hall.

2006 mega-march in Dallas energized a new generation of Latinos

The Dallas Morning News | Apr 15, 2016

On the 10th anniversary this month of what is now called by organizers the largest civil rights march in Texas history, it would be difficult to overstate the impact the immigrants’ “mega-marches” had in Latino communities in Dallas and around the country.

Local Hispanic Leaders Plan Anti-Trump Rally for Monday

NBC DFW 5 News | Sep 13, 2015

"We're hoping it will send a message that Mr. Trump and people like Ted Cruz who follow Mr. Trump's lead there are consequences to that and those consequences will be felt in November 2016," said Domingo Garcia.

Domingo Garcia Leading March on Immigration Enforcement HQ Today

The Dallas Observer | Feb 21, 2007

"This year we're looking at creating a new movement to liberate the 14 million people who live in the shadows of America because of their immigration status," lawyer and former state representative Domingo Garcia

Dallas Mega March Makes History

KERA News | Apr 10, 2006

Domingo Garcia, LULAC: America, we will not turn back. We will be here and stay here until we all have a chance to become Americans. Today we march, tomorrow we vote!